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Join my live classes or receive the recording if you can't attend live.                                


SUNDAY 19th - 09.00am U.K. time
Fee £10

Beginner-friendly full body mobility flow blending strength and flexibility techniques to promote joint health and relieve tension from the body. Equipment: comfortable clothes, a yoga mat or rug. Where: on Zoom + 3 DAY RECORDING  You will receive a confirmation email with a link closer to date.


About me

I am a former professional ballet dancer specialising in yoga, mobility training, and calming breath practices. I have a passion for people who want to move and feel better.

My client base spans from Forbes' featured CEOs to individuals seeking enhanced physical and mental well-being. I have helped countless people experience freedom and joy in movement fostering a profound sense of alignment, fulfilment, and belonging.


I am the founder of WorkBalance, bringing together experts, places, and brands to create unique luxury wellness retreats and wellbeing at work experiences.

You can train with me via my online studio, privately, at boutique studios in London, or on a retreat.

Ciska, Netherlands

"Ruben is a fantastic yoga teacher, who’ll give you the confidence and the good feeling about your yoga practice, no matter how experienced you are. His knowledge of the body, anatomy and the mind helps you to get that thing you just needed to help you that step further.”
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