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Movement for modern living

Yoga - Mobility - Breathwork

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Your time to breathe

I am a London-based movement expert specialising in yoga, mobility training, and calming breath practices. I have a passion for people who want to move and feel better.

My client base spans from Forbes' featured CEOs to your next-door's lovely lady. What do they have in common? A passion and dedication for their Body & Mind, a curiosity that keeps them connected to their goals.


I am the founder of WorkBalance, bringing together experts, places, and brands to create unique luxury wellness retreats and wellbeing at work experiences.

I teach private sessions online and in person. I weekly coach group sessions at high-end London boutique studios and corporate companies.


"Ruben's classes were focussed, calming yet demanding getting that beautiful balance between clearing the mind and inwardly channelling your physicality. Being a dancer myself his knowledge of dance, the body and yoga culminating together was the perfect mix to enhance my experience."

Nicky - former English National Ballet dancer


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