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Emotional Detox

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an umbrella term so it can cause a good deal of confusion or misunderstanding. It’s sort of like saying “fitness”. If someone said to you; “I teach fitness”, you would probably ask them for more specifics. Such as; “Do you teach SoulCycle, CrossFit, Pilates, or strength training?”. There are so many different types of fitness now. 

This is just like breathwork – there are dozens of types of breathwork techniques! And within these different techniques, you have people creating brands around specific techniques and that can make it even more confusing.

Conscious Connected Breathing

My approach to breathwork is modern and relaxed, I trained in Connected Breathing, a high tempo - active way of breathing. This type of breathing saturates the body with oxygen helping clearing negative emotions and traumas from the central nervous system, reducing stress, and bringing a clearer perspective to life.

The Benefits of Breathwork

- Ability to connect to your intentions

- Deep healing of wounds, grief, and traumas

- Connection to a deeper state of consciousness and belonging 

- Emotions to be released

- Massive stress relief and deep relaxation

- Connection to your true self

- Greater self-love and more loving relationships

- Emotional Balance

- Relief from physical pain

- Overwhelming feelings of joy

- Deep inner peace

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