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I will help you improve your flexibility, even if you believe you are too stiff or old for this.



Find freedom of movement, reduce the risk of injuries, and regain your mobility.

Ruben is a fantastic yoga teacher, who’ll give you the confidence and the good feeling about your yoga practice, no matter how experienced you are. His knowledge of the body, anatomy and the mind helps you to get that thing you just needed to help you that step further.

Highly recommend to anyone whether a beginner or more advanced student. He also balances “power” yoga with more relaxing yin style yoga, sometimes all in the same class.

His experience in ballet gives him a unique understanding of the body, its ability and its limits. His yoga is planned and considered so that not only are we improving in strength and flexibility but in our focus too, allowing us to release from external cares.

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Accessible, mindful movement for all.

Anytime, anywhere.

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