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Mobility Coaching

human movement optimisation program 

This 12 week program will work around your mobility goals.

You will learn how to maintain your joints strong and flexible for the rest of your life whilst applying scientific principles based on FRC, Yoga and Animal Flow.  

Basically all the good stuff...

In this program you will have constant support from me, whether that will be during our quarterly sessions, weekly calls or personalised videos.



45min sessions 

online or in real life when possible 


bundle of personalised  videos, made specifically to work on your own in between sessions to help you achieve your mobility goals and needs


 30 min calls to check-in and


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to improve their mobility (strength + flexibility)

Anyone who wants to understand the importance of joint health and articular longevity

Anyone who wants to maximise their performance  (an athlete or a sports person)

Anyone who needs more daily movement in their life, postural help or a movement routine (an elderly, a sedentary person)


Whether you are a yogi trying to increase flexibility or strength, a professional dancer looking for control and alignment, a stiff sports athlete who wants more mobility and improved performance or if you are simply looking to bring more healthy movement into your life this program will be designed for you around your movement goals.

payment plans available

The Process explained



This is when we will look at your physical form, understand which is the best way to progress, speak about your movement goals and how we can achieve them.



Let’s say your goal is to achieve a  straight line handstand, but you can’t actually reach your arms overhead without overcompensating movement in the rest of the body. We will create a program that will help you gain shoulder mobility as well as strength to get you ready to get upside down. You will be laying the foundations to get there without hurting yourself.



Building flexibility and strength is a journey in your own body. To make sure that we don’t get lost we need to keep reviewing and analyze progress, make changes and stay on the path.

Programme Outline

Our first session will work as a consultation to discuss your goals, go through a physical assessment and work through your first group of exercises.


After the assessment we’ll be looking at what you want/need to work on in relation to your goals, together we will formulate the best combination for you to improve your mobility, flexibility, range of motion, joint strength and athleticism.

You will be given a set of exercises to repeat weekly until the next session or call. 

During the program, you will have constant support via email or call when needed and personalised video tutorials to practice on your own.

Live sessions must be completed within 20 weeks from the first session.

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